Digital Permanence

An interactive exploration of how a digital process–in the form of non-destructive graffiti, can act as a catalyst to an organic process–in the form of a tangible painting. 

Creative code plays a large role within interactive art. It is about using powerful programming tools to create intensely moving interactive and generative visual elements. Processing, a programming language, is one of the most widely known creative coding tools. Built with Java, it provides access to deep intricate parts of your computer in a simplified way. 

Digital Permanence functions by using the combination of custom coded programming, a laser pointer, a digital projector, a webcam, and a laptop. The program tracks the drawn graffiti lines virtually by processing the brightest light spots from the camera feed and then maps that information onto the projection screen. 

The laser movements are viewed by the webcam, the software then traces these movements of the laser spot into x/y positions, then the projector acts to expand the image of the laser movements back onto the surface.