Show Me a Sane Man, and I Will Cure Him for You

My father has exponentially affected who I am as a visual thinker, designer and artist. He has acted as a mentor, collaborator, and motivator throughout my life. His wisdom has been highly influential in developing my methodologies as a creator.

I strongly believe we are the places we have been. When he was 18, he left to fight in the Vietnam War. Still a boy, he embarked on a journey that would force him to become a man. He began writing and drawing in a small journal just days before leaving the U.S. Navy. Upon returning to Minnesota, he continued to fill the pages with observations, quotations, questions, and sketches. After a visit to see a friend he met while in the Navy, he unknowingly left this journal behind. Forty-one years later, it was returned and he selflessly gave it to me. 

His journal inspired a series of poster designs. I created an eight layer screen print and two digitally rendered collage compositions.