Interface Design

The Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC) is a peer organization of communications professionals who are dedicated to improving public-sector communications.

Each year, the organization puts on thought-provoking events such as an annual conference and lunch-time workshops. Members share their best work through an annual awards contest and celebrate accomplishments, while collecting ideas, at an awards banquet.

MAGC was in need of a new brand identity and a website redesign. An original logo was created inspired by their mission statement. A full website was then designed to cater to the organizations primary needs and to create an online community for its members to connect and share ideas. 


Being a college student is quite the challenge, so the last thing a college student needs to is to worry about their healthcare coverage. Students at the University of Minnesota can receive coverage through an on-campus health facility called Boynton Health Services. Navigating their website can be tricky so the app MyHealth was created to help students learn about their healthcare coverage, keep track of their medical history, educate themselves on specific costs of care, and much more.